Dear Chelsea,

I’ve been experiencing some “challenges” with an adult in my life; let’s call her Sandy. She can be confrontational, so I feel anxiety when I see her. Sometimes I catch myself wishing she would disappear so I don’t have to deal with this situation any longer. Several times she has  shown up in my nightmares. But I’ve realized that since I see her every day I will have to learn how to handle the situation since it clearly is not going away. Continue reading Challenges


Look Up

Dear Chelsea,

It’s a  cold night at the beach, but I’m here – looking up at a million stars while my little sister is off searching for what we both know is not there. It’s one of her favorite things in the world; cruising the shoreline hunting for crabs to stalk and capture. The only problem is that when it’s this cold they don’t come out. (Apparently they are smarter than humans.)

As I’m lying on the sand and looking at the millions and millions of stars in the sky, I am reminded how immense the universe is. There are so many stars, each one unique in its own way, but I’m usually too busy (or just don’t take time) to stop and take in their beauty. Continue reading Look Up


Dear Chelsea,

I would like to share with you about how perseverance and determination are essential ingredients in success and how important friendship will be in your life.

Since middle school, I have always wanted to learn Chinese. Somehow, I guess I thought it would bring me closer to where I was from and teach me about my culture. I always thought it would be fun to speak Chinese. Continue reading Perseverance

Look for the beauty in life

Dear Chelsea,

So I had to write a personal mission statement for English class. Here’s what I came up with:

“To live each day with knowledge that I can make a difference so that the world becomes a safer place, one day at a time. I will do this by keeping a peace in the world to show others the beauty that has become a part of me.”

Let me explain it a little to you. Continue reading Look for the beauty in life