Look Up

Dear Chelsea,

It’s a  cold night at the beach, but I’m here – looking up at a million stars while my little sister is off searching for what we both know is not there. It’s one of her favorite things in the world; cruising the shoreline hunting for crabs to stalk and capture. The only problem is that when it’s this cold they don’t come out. (Apparently they are smarter than humans.)

As I’m lying on the sand and looking at the millions and millions of stars in the sky, I am reminded how immense the universe is. There are so many stars, each one unique in its own way, but I’m usually too busy (or just don’t take time) to stop and take in their beauty.

Tonight I realized how much the stars remind me of my life. Every day I am surrounded by individuals,  each with a unique story – and their stories impact my life.  Just like the stars, each person has been given a unique spot in the universe that’s theirs alone.

It took awhile, but my sister eventually  admitted that, deep down, she knew we wouldn’t find any crabs. We called it a night on the crab hunting.  But in her trying, I saw how determined she was to accomplish her goal.

What I’m trying to say is that goals are important in life. They will help you to focus on your goals and point you towards the way to achieve what you desire. Here’s the important part: It isn’t about the outcome. It’s about the process. If you live your whole life waiting for the outcome, you will miss the beautiful little seconds of the journey. This is what I want you to understand. Yes, it is important to plan and have goals, but if you do not enjoy the journey, you will miss out on life. Eventually you will look back and ask yourself where it all went.

Down on the quiet beach, with the sound of only the waves, my sister told me that she hadn’t realized just how much the stars twinkle. What happened to make her see that? She stopped her life. She looked up. And she saw the beauty of the universe.

Chelsea, I challenge you to take time out of your busy life every once in a while and look at the twinkling stars. Enjoy what nature has to offer. Revel in its amazing beauty. Take a break from your busy life and soak it all in.