My Story :: Anna Wyer

Everybody Needs Somebody

Anna Wyer believes that many different variables shape a person into who they are and how they behave in their world today. Some of these are more life-changing than others, but all come together to create who that person is. In her life, these variables have greatly impacted her life for the better. It all began on the day Anna Wyer was born.

The most crucial event occurred on a day not much different than any other day in Jiangsu Province in eastern China. But on that day something spectacular happened–the birth of a little girl, soon be known as Yu Jia. This particular baby was not called as Yu Jia for longer than eight months, because after that time a life-changing event took place. A couple from Tennessee, had decided to adopt a baby from China, so they flew across the ocean into unknown territory.

Soon after they had arrived, they met the baby girl they had waited for, for what seemed like forever. They began the process of adoption and finally were able to bring her home. From that day on, the little girl previously known as Yu Jia was named Anna Wyer.

Anna Wyer was welcomed home with joy by her parents, siblings, cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles. She had a happy life, but something was missing. And then at the age of four, Anna Wyer finally received what she had been dreaming of; a sister. Her baby sister was also adopted from China just as she had been four years ago. And life was complete!

Growing up in Brentwood, Anna Wyer attended Montessori Academy and Christ Presbyterian Academy for elementary and middle school before moving to Franklin and enrolling in Franklin High School as a freshman. And there she continues to attend until the time comes for another life-changing event.

Anna Wyer is currently a senior at FHS. She enjoys going to the gym after school, and usually works with the children at her church on Sunday mornings. Anna plans to study criminal justice in college in preparation for a career in law enforcement.  In June 2013, Anna Wyer was invited to be a delegate to Camp Anytown, sponsored by Community Nashville Building Bridges. Camp Anytown is a five day transformational retreat designed to build leadership skills around the issues of diversity and culture.  During the time there, Anna learned more not only about herself, but also was opened up to other peers who had experienced much different lives than she has.

Anna Wyer has come to the realization that people were created to have significant relationships with others around them, and without them, they may fall apart–both physically and mentally. Anna has learned how important the people in her life are and will always be to her, no matter what situation occurs at the time.

Throughout the years there have been different events and people in the life of Anna Wyer that have shaped her into the person she is today. She cites a few examples that include her parents, sister, her church, and other close friends and family who have surrounded her throughout her lifetime. But most importantly, says Anna, is her inner self-motivation. Without this trust of herself, she would be nowhere near where she is today in the journey of life. In the future, she would like to give back to her local community, whether that is Franklin or elsewhere in the world. Anna’s desire is to do what she can to make the world a better and much safer place for children to live, grow, and mature in their own unique, individual ways.

Anna Wyer is grateful for the people and experiences that have shaped her into the person she is today. Without them, Anna says she would be a much different person. Everyone has the opportunity to make the world a better place, as long as they continuously have the drive to be great throughout their entire life. Even though she is still growing older and wiser every year and will continue until the day she dies, Anna Wyer has learned an important lesson: We are no one unless we have someone. Everybody needs somebody. We all need each other.


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